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Environment and energy

The County Council affects the environment, mainly in our use of energy and chemicals, transport and official travel.

Västernorrland County Council works systematically to improve the environment at all places of work. Our personnel have been given environmental training, and there is an environmental representative at every workplace, who is the driving force in our environmental work.

There is an internal environmental and energy policy that presents Västernorrland County Council’s environmental ambitions and is intended to reduce our negative environmental impact.

There is also an environmental policy and an environmental programme which forms the foundation of the County Council’s environmental work. We are purposeful and result-oriented in our efforts to achieve our environmental goals. Environmental work is followed up every year, as part of these efforts, to ensure that all departments are on the right track.

Environmental and energy policy (pdf opens in new window)

Environmental and energy programme (pdf opens in new window)

We have decided to concentrate our efforts on selected environmental areas in order to work more effectively. These are waste management, energy, purchasing, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and nitrous oxide, transport and travel. By emphasizing these areas, our day-to-day work will be more focused and will promote more sustainable environmental development in the county.

External environmental collaboration

In addition to its internal environmental work, Västernorrland County Council endeavours to actively participate in moving forward the status of sustainable development in the areas of environment and energy, in partnership with other stakeholders in society. The County Council collaborates on a regional level with the other county councils in northern Sweden, and on an international level in an EU network.

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